Terms of sale

Shopboom provides a service that offers you redeemable discount vouchers (subject to the terms and conditions listed below) for goods and services from third-party participating merchants (the “Merchants”).

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice. Any errors will be corrected rapidly once brought to our attention.

In addition to these Terms of Sale, your purchase of discount vouchers is subject to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy found on the www.shopboom.ca website

Purchase agreement

By clicking the “BUY” button for an offer posted on the site, you agree to purchase a discount vouchers via your Shopboom account which can be redeemed for goods or services from the applicable Merchant for the agreed-upon amount.

You represent and warrant that you are of legal age to enter into an enforceable contract in the province where the prepaid discount vouchers is redeemable.


You can pay for your transaction with a credit card issued in Canada by Visa™ or MasterCard™. Shopboom purchases made through your account are paid for using the credit card applicable to your account. In accordance with legislation in effect, the appropriate sales taxes will be applied to transactions you make on the Shopboom Platform transactional pages.


Once your transaction is completed, we will verify the information you have provided, including your payment method and shipping address. We reserve the right to stop a transaction, without any obligation to provide a reason. If we stop your transaction, we will advise you by email at the address you provided.

In general, when we stop a transaction, we will not apply the amount to your credit card; if this occurs, we will reimburse the amount or ensure that a corresponding credit is applied to your credit card.


Once your transaction has been finalized and verified, Shopboom will send you a confirmation email detailing all terms applicable to your purchase. This confirmation email constitutes a copy of the contract. It contains the description of the transaction made and all terms and conditions applicable to the purchase and the discount vouchers.

Conditions applicable to discount vouchers

The Merchant is solely responsible for goods and services purchased with the Shopboom discount vouchers. We strongly encourage you to obtain information on the terms and conditions of the use of the discount vouchers from the applicable Merchant prior to the purchase. In addition to the terms and conditions prescribed by the applicable Merchant, discount vouchers are subject to these conditions. It is possible that the discount vouchers may not be combined with a promotion being offered by the Merchant.

Service charges

Shopboom discount vouchers are redeemable, in the same way and with the same terms and conditions as cash, for goods or services at the applicable Merchant.

Expiration, reimbursement and balance transfers

In accordance with Quebec law, discount vouchers and amounts paid for Shopboom offers do not have an expiration date, unless the contract provides for unlimited use of a service.

All sales are final; you cannot obtain a reimbursement from Shopboom if you have used the amount (in whole or in part). You have 10 business days after purchase to request a reimbursement only of the total amount paid and not used.

While we are not legally responsible for retailers that may unfortunately close their doors, we would like to offer you a 6-month warranty for all shops available via the Shopboom platform. However, if a retailer closes after the warranty period following your purchase, our warranty ceases and the amount will not be reimbursed to you.

It is always recommended to use Shopboom amounts as quickly as possible after purchase in order to avoid any problems beyond our control.

Theft, loss and liability

In the event that your Shopboom gift certificate is lost or stolen, you are responsible for notifying Shopboom customer service at info@shopboom.ca or by telephone, 450-339-4493 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

If you would like a new gift certificate to be issued, you must disable the (lost or stolen) gift certificate and submit your request via Shopboom. Fees will be charged to issue and deliver a replacement gift certificate and will be payable by credit card upon request. Once the new gift certificate is ordered, the old gift certificate will automatically be cancelled and voided. Neither the Merchant nor Shopboom shall be responsible for the loss or theft of a gift certificate.

Shopboom operation - Merchants

The Shopboom online store is based on a simple concept, we offer on our Shopboom.ca online store, gift certificates at 50% of the value on all amounts displayed. Gift certificates are redeemable and used like cash at your participating stores for purchases that will be made by holders of Shopboom gift certificates. One gift certificate per transaction, including applicable taxes. Shopboom offers a simple way to offer big discounts on gift certificates so you have a new storefront to showcase your products and services. Our exceptional offers allow you to discover restaurants, spas, parks, parties, beauty salons, hair salons, hotels and more.

CONDITIONS: The "merchant" customer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract and agrees to accept as a method of payment and to honor at all times the gift certificates presented by authorized holders. The Merchant must respect the monetary value of the gift certificates at all times. Gift certificates must at all times be considered by the Merchant as representing cash value, exchangeable in the Merchant's establishments for his goods or services, as applicable. The Merchant agrees to take the necessary reasonable measures to confirm the identity of the holders of the gift certificates in order to validate that they are the authorized holders.

The Merchant agrees to indemnify and hold Shopboom harmless for any damage, loss and damage resulting directly or indirectly from a default by the Merchant at the end of this Contract. The Merchant agrees to promptly notify Shopboom of the partial, total or even anticipated cession of its activities. The Merchant acknowledges that the affixing of his standard or electronic signature is valid and is enforceable against him given that the integrity of this Contract is ensured since the link between the signature and the document is maintained.

Shopboom agrees to provide the graphics for the Shopboom digital platform at its own expense according to its own specifications. Shopboom undertakes to provide the Merchant with an email containing the identity of the holders of the gift certificates. This Contract will be terminated automatically if the merchant refuses without valid justification a gift certificate presented by an authorized holder. Following the termination or expiration of this Contract, the Merchant must then pay Shopboom compensation representing the total market value of the non-exchanged or partially exchanged gift certificates, in circulation or in inventory.

Please send an email to info@shopboom.ca for any questions about how to use the Shopboom website.

To contact customer service: info@shopboom.ca or telephone 450-339-4493 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).